Hosted Accommodation

Whether you run a Farm Stay, Bed and Breakfast or an individual furnished apartment or home, we can help you broaden your customer base to generate more bookings at better rates. Our reservation and marketing service allows you to focus on providing the best possible guest experience rather than worrying about where your next booking will come from.

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Bed and Breakfast operators are missing out on bookings and income if they don't have a functional branded web site with full booking functionality. We can also distribute your products, rates and availability to many of the traditional distribution channels, thereby broadening your market and increasing your income. Removing the stress and hassle of obtaining bookings frees you up to focus on providing unique and memorable holiday experiences to your guests.

Farm Stay

Maximising the return on your accommodation rooms shouldn't take your focus away from the day to day operations of your farm. Outsourcing the reservation and marketing of your Farm Stay accommodation can deliver consistent revenue without having to develop the relevant staff and skills in house. Our team will help you develop the marketing strategy and distribution channels to maximise the income potential of your rooms.

Hosted Accommodation

You don't have to undersell their rates to compete in a crowded market dominated by online travel agents and booking sites. As part of our reservation and marketing service we can provide you with a fully functional web site with direct booking capabilities, as well as listing your property on the major third party booking sites. Better marketing and distribution results in more bookings at better rates.

Featured Services

We provide a range of accommodation management services depending on the type and location of property or business.

Revenue Management

Our extensive industry experience ensures that we obtain bookings for your property at the best possible rates. We actively manage and fine tune rates based on the property features and quality, customer feedback, time of year and season, demand and special events.

Reservation Management

Our advanced technology systems and proven processes are in place to ensure timely communication and payment collection from guests; without you having to chase the money.

Marketing and Distribution

We aim for the majority of our booking to come directly through our own web sites, thereby reducing the commissions paid and the overall management expenses. We also list your property on the worlds biggest booking sites; including AirBnb,, Expedia, Jetstar, NeedItNow, The Hotel Network and HRS (Lido).

Reputation Management

We understand the importance of good online reviews. We actively manage the customer's expectations and accommodation experience to ensure regular positive reviews on review sites such as Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor, and online travel booking sites, such as Expedia and

Operational Reporting

We provide individual Operational Reporting to every property owner and business to assist in day to day operations. Operational reporting includes arrival, departures, guest requests and housekeeping requirements.

Financial Reporting

We provide extensive Financial Reporting to every property owner and business. Monthly Financial Reporting includes details of nights booked, rates, overall yield, expenses and servicing fees.

Linen and Laundry Services

We have established Linen and Laundry Services within the Newcastle and Hunter Region. Our processes and systems can be extended to external service providers to service other regions.

Website Development and Hosting

Our team has built a web development framework specifically designed for accommodation. This customisable framework can be fine tuned for specific needs.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Packages

Our team can advise, project manage, procure and implement your Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment program. Whether it be a new fitout or refresh, our experience and buying power ensures a project that will be delivered on time and on budget.